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  • Programs - Develop consistency and continuity among your staff.
  • Pros - Help your players truly improve.
  • Players - Become an independent thinker, a problem solver, and a self-coach.
  • Parents - Gain more knowledge, understanding, and a perspective for tennis.
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•Tennis Educational Website
•Online Comprehensive Course
•Consumer Education For Parents
•In Depth Staff Development
•Daily Continuing Education

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Tennissmith and the GreatBase Tennis strive to contribute to tennis teaching worldwide with an emphasis on helping American kids play tennis at American Colleges.  In order to play tennis at a high level, a player needs to start with a great base.  We hope these courses help you to develop your base. 


 Current Complimentary Courses Available



Great Base Initiative

From family to federation, our short course and quiz will help bring clarification to early development in tennis along with basic stroke production. The online course is just under an hour of High Definition video and the 50-question quiz makes a great homework assignment for campers, coaches and all tennis enthusiasts.





Tennis Intelligence Applied

Tennissmith’s longer course covers a wide range of topics. The 365 clips deliver a complete tennis education. This course is perfect for the hardcore tennis enthusiast hungry for information.